Rules for Requesting

We need to establish rules and we need you to read them before you submit a review request so you understand our policy here. All reviews on books that we are requested to review will be done in a fair and honest manner about the book and what’s inside.

1. We reserve the right to deny any book we wish whether it’s based on time constraints or if it doesn’t fit our blog.

2. You must be willing to provide a physical copy of your book if at all possible. If it has already been released to the public we request a finished copy. If not, we will expect an ARC copy.

  • 2.1. Bri accepts both physical copies and ebook copies but the ebook copies MUST be a Kindle formatted copy.
    • Upon receiving a physical book Bri will email you and let you know the book has arrived. She will wait two weeks from the day you ship it (please email and let her know you have mailed it the day you have it shipped out once it is in the hands of the postal service of your choice [FedEx, UPS, US Postal]) before she emails you and lets you know the copy has still not arrived. It has taken up to one month before she receives the copy in a few cases.
  • 2.2. Iris only accepts ebook copies, they must also be Kindle format but PDF format works just as well.

3. Do not send audiobook request at this point in time.

4. Do not send erotica book request. Those emails will be promptly deleted and never replied to.

5. Books in a series that you are trying to promote will be accepted. If you are trying to promote a certain book in a series please be willing to provide a copy of all previous books in the series if asked. We will check our book list and see if we have any of the books in said series OR if we already own said book in this series. At that point we will tell you that your request has been accepted, but that no copy need be provided for review.

6. We only want books of 100 pages or longer for review. Anything shorter is likely to not be accepted but please do not hesitate to ask even if it is. We accept many request and as long as it fits into our age group/genre’s that we prefer we will deliberate it before letting you know.

7. Promotions through spotlights, interviews, guest post, cover reveals, dream cast, playlist, excerpts, etc. are allowed. Please include a request for one in your email if you would like.

8. You can ask for a date for your book to be reviewed by, however due to our schedules with reading we may not always be able to rearrange our list to fit it in by that date. If this happens you have the right to retract your review request or let us review it on our own schedule. You can check dates available here.

9. Book request by indie authors are not only allowed, but highly encouraged. We love helping all indie authors get the word about their book out!

  • 9.1 Indie authors please have your books edited professionally, otherwise we reserve the right to drop your book for this reason alone.

10. If something comes up about the book that happens between us receiving the book and the review, please let us know. This includes pulling it from the market to revise, a new cover, new purchase links, sequels being planned/released, etc.

  • If pulled from market you can ask us to drop the planned review until further notice and send the newly revised edition when its available if you would still like us to review it, no new acceptance for the novel needed. Please title your email “Requesting [insert your title here] to be Dropped” for easier sorting.
  • If a new cover is released you may email us and tell us about it and attach an image. You can also request a cover reveal when we are reading it still; after the review you will have to email us and let us know when it becomes available in your new cover so we can schedule it. We expect this to be done like our other cover reveals. Please check the post tagged with “cover reveal” if you need an idea. Please title your email “New Cover for [insert your title here]” for easier sorting.
  • New purchase links can be submitted after acceptance of your novel. Please title your email “New Purchase Links” for easier sorting.

11. We will always read the first thirty pages of an accepted review copy, after that we reserve the right to drop it at any point we please.

12. Any questions, comments, or concerns about our rules please contact us about them.

13. You can request a review by either reviewer after looking at the Blogger’s Preferred Genre’s page to see if it matches their interest. If you do not have a preference on who reviews your book it can be reviewed by both bloggers if they’re both interested, or done on a time necessary basis.

14. Please tell us your book’s intended age range (MG, YA, NA, etc.), genre/subgenre’s, release date, publisher (if available), all available purchase links (no matter the retailer), and include the Goodreads summary of your book so that we know you read the rules. Please be courteous after sending an email to wait for a reply and do not email us constantly between us receiving your book and the date we post a review if you did not specify a date.

Email us at and Bri will answer as soon as possible.
If necessary, please change the automatic subject title to fit what you’re asking for.


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