Ratings and Disclaimers

Note that each point set applies to both the overall review rating, and the individual section rating for the book.

0-1.7= Not worth the time to read it. Will not finish the series, or even think about buying the book.

1.8-2.5=I didn’t really like it overall, but there were definitely a few parts that I enjoyed. I likely won’t finish the series except for closure, and there’s a very slim chance I’ll buy the book.

2.6-3=It was worth my time but there were parts I either struggled with or put me off, but I enjoyed it overall. I may finish the series if I get the chance, and I may eventually purchase the book but its not likely I will unless I really like the cover.

3.1-3.6=I liked this book a lot, there’s a chance that if it’s a series I’ll read it and there’s a good chance I’ll buy the book in paperback.

3.7-4.4=I loved it, and I’ll buy it in hardcover. If it’s a series I’ll finish it out and likely recommend it to people to read.

4.5-5=Definitely worth my time, and I LOVED it, and there were likely tears involved with reading it in the higher range. If it’s a series I’ll finish it, and buy the book in as many editions as I am allowed, hardcover and paperback alike. Will tell the world about how much I enjoyed this book and try to get everyone who reads books that I know to read it.

Reviewed using: Cover art, Story plot, Idea of the Story, and Character’s


-This blog is our own personal blog, reviews are written and edited by only ourselves unless stated otherwise.
-Any views or opinions expressed in reviews are in the blogger posting, and ours alone.
-All books reviewed on this blog are from our personal collection, the library, borrowed, or ARCS/eARC and gifts from publishers/authors.
-Any ARC, eARC or gifted book reviewed on this blog was/is given to us by the author/publisher free of charge in exchange for an honest review.
-We receive no compensation in exchange for book reviews/promotions/recommendations/spotlights and/or any other content.
-Book reviews posted on this blog are in no way influenced by any outside parties; all opinions here are our own.
-All book reviews posted on this blog are our property and copyrighted to the individual blogger, unless otherwise stated.
-We am in no way affiliated with any publishers/authors/websites/etc. mentioned on this blog, unless otherwise stated.

Dragon Images Disclaimer

All dragon images on the blog were drawn and colored by books-and-sketches


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