About The Bloggers

Welcome to Books and Ashes! A blog started by two bookish girls who love to read and share their reviews and thoughts. Find out more about all the members of the team of Books and Ashes below! And thanks for visiting!


I’m Bri! I’m terribly obsessed with all things dragon related, so there will be collages of different things with dragons in them. Unless it’s a picture I’ve personally taken, I don’t own it! The picture above was drawn by my best friend so all thanks go to her for such a lovely gift

I’ve loved reading for as long as I remember (sounds like most of us book bloggers huh?) and finding out about the book community was possibly the best day of my life! I was so happy to be able to connect with so many other book lovers out in the world (many who aren’t even within a hundred miles of me)! I’m also a writer, so I’ll post monthly updates about what I’ve worked on, and maybe the tentative titles of whatever WIP I’m working on that ended up changed. Should be fun!

I’m an English major with a concentration in Writing and Language and get a Professional Writing Certificate, I hope to someday work either with a manuscript agent or for a publisher. Either of those would be something I would no doubt love! Gamer girl too, hopelessly obsessed with the Assassin’s Creed trilogy for the stories and wishing so hard that I had an Xbox One to play Unity! Can’t get enough really of how awesome all of the assassins have been! 😉

Assassin Iris

I’m Iris, a small time book reviewer and blogger. I’m a bit professional and originally started the idea that would later become Books and Ashes. When I realized I needed a co-blogger to help me start keeping up with the blogging I was trying to do and finding resources, Bri was someone I knew I could count on and I’m happy to have brought her aboard to help with everything. She’s really exuberant .

I’m a beta reader when I have the time, I love helping people find the mistakes, the weaknesses, the strengths, and the best parts of their works. Like Bri, I’m an English major but instead of Writing and Language I’m concentrating on Literature. I’d like to work as an editor perhaps someday. I’m also a big time gamer girl, and my obsession happens to be the Elder Scrolls and Halo series. I’m always an assassin in Skyrim no matter what species I play, it’s my strength, while being a mage is my weakness. Although Forging in Halo Reach has always been my favorite thing to do when I play it.



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